TEXAS BioSurgical

Compassion for Life

Who We Are

575 E. Medical Center Blvd.
Webster, TX 77598

Phone:  281-282-9290
Email: info@texasbiosurgical.com

Texas BioSurgical provides tissues

for future transplantation and for research education.  We offer a different form of life after death, when all hope has been lost. Our dedicated and compassionate team will help in your healing process.

We are Texas BioSurgical, an independent tissue recovery agency located just south of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas.  Our referral base spans

across many cities: from

Beaumont to Galveston,

Livingston, Lufkin,

Nacogdoches and the

Houston Metro area’s. 

Texas BioSurgical is brought

together by compassion,

expertise and love.  We are

committed to maintaining a

high level of ethics and skill

set to keep Texas BioSurgical

on the cutting edge for

recoveries in both research

and tissue for future transplantations.  Our team has experience in every position related to the pre-recovery, recovery and post-recovery processes.  We are committed ethically, while maintaining surgical precision, continuing education and will hold the utmost compassionate care of every donor and offering supportive resources to their families.  To help in this mission, Texas BioSurgical has assembled a team of advanced professionals and a council of advisors.  The committed team consists of experienced and qualified tissue recovery personal, physicians, nurses, paramedics, hospital liaisons, licensed funeral directors and embalmers.  Texas BioSurgical will provide a wide range of future transplantable and research tissue which will save and enhance many lives now and for years to come.  We would love to have you join our team and become a part of our mission and vision of excellence.  Texas BioSurgcial looks forward to expanding our team and working together to achieve our goals of reaching and educating donor families on donation, giving them every opportunity to continue their loved one’s legacy.  We look forward to working with you in providing the utmost professional experience and highest quality of recoverable tissues possible.  Texas BioSurgical is the complete package providing a deep compassion for life.